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Change of URL
12:58 PM
Thursday, January 2, 2014

YUPS. I'VE MOVED TO HeyButtercups. Shall start a simple blog again with all my mischiefs and evil doings up there. why is there no emoji here? i would like to insert a mischievous face here. or is there, just that i don't know how to use it? oh well. this blog will still be up, but not updated.


*inserts a heart emoji* 
you know i know how it looks like can liao lah.
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my silky soft hair
12:50 PM
Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm pretty sure your hair will never be as dry and spoilt as mine. unless you heat your hair constantly or something. I'm always dying my hair, bleaching and 7 months ago i permed. BAD MOVE. 7 months my hair has been really dry and spoilt. someone even commented that my hair look like a broom. -.- it got so damaged i was like oh god i need to rebond my hair, but IT'S SO EXPENSIVE!!

this picture was taken in Dec. still really bad condition.

I've tried using herbal essence, ascience shampoo but to no avail. i tried leave on conditioner which works only if i remember to put it. lol. one day my friend introduced me to Ma Cherie, which can be purchased at watson. it's kinda pricy. and my hair and hers are quite different, although we both often dye and bleach our hairs. I was a little skeptic because whatever works for her hair, didn't for mine, and vise versa. more over 200ml a bottle cost like $10 +++ (200ml is the size of my one hand) so small yet so expensive. but i decided to try and in just two weeks!! my hair got so so much better like WAH SEH MIRACLE SIA! WHY HAVENT YOU POP INTO MY LIFE SOONER, YOU LITTLE #$%^&*. haha. and so i recommend that too. i paid 60$ for one 200ml shampoo, one 200ml conditioner and treatment. There are two types of shampoo, one of it is for hair volumising and the other is for silky smooth hair, i got the silky smooth. 
this was taken on 20/Nov/2012

after 5 days (using ma cherie shampoo)

after 5 days

after 1.5 weeks

after 1.5 weeks

after 1.5 weeks.

amazing right, i was awed by the effect. but i didn't want to wait too long. so i went on to gmarket and saw this self-rebonding hair cream. 

it's from http://list.qoo10.sg/gmkt.inc/Goods/Goods.aspx?goodscode=405654825. cost $15.80, shipping $4.60. maybe about 1.5 - 2 weeks to reach me? great product. 

Before, after wash, after 48h. 
however your hair might get a little dry, so i recommend using some leave on hair treatment cream. after a few days it may not be so straight anymore, use a straightener. for me, maybe caused i permed my hair thats why it wasn't so straight anymore. but never the last, i LOVE it. my hair is no longer frizzy and dry. i used to hate my frizzy hair. NOW IM LOVING ITTT! MUAHAHAH! oh and you will need to get hair straightener , which i got it at gmarket also.

i got it for $58.90, not only can you straighten but also curl. i used the product, it's really good. a little pricy though, but all in one. the curler part will turn round and round so it make perming or straightening easier, rather than you have to curl your hair around the curler. it has three temperature settings as well. if you prefer a cheap straightener, how about this:

I bought it a really long time ago. it works fantastic and for only $8.90, shipping $3.30/$5.50. it doesn't really damage of dry up my hair. it's mini, portable, works AWESOME. but not heat setting control, if you're looking for heat settings perhaps you can look up on gmarket, but all those product above i used it before and it works great (:

haha, okay thats all for today. toodles~ 

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6-months bye-bye fats program
3:53 PM
Tuesday, February 19, 2013

i havent blogged for 3 months! 3 months! i think I'm getting too lazy. i've been rather busy in the month of dec and jan, i've converted from being a part timer to a full timer, it's a one year contract, which i will end next feb. because I'm still studying, but only two modules this semester, i have so many free time, but no money. so i decided to do full time since it doesn't clash with my school. i will be graduating on Aug. stupid year 3 modules that i've failed caused me to wait one year for my diploma cert. once I'm done with school i will probably go for training in another job, take exams, have my license. once I'm done with my current job which is next feb, i will start off as a financial consultant. i know right, dude you just wasted three years of your life in NAFA. well, i will still be doing fashion as a side line, i'm in it because of the $$$. as you all know, or may not, i still wish to go to japan to further my studies and get a degree. so while i'm earning money for that i will be taking japanese classes. I'm never to old to study ya!

as my title says it, 6-months bye-bye fats program.
i am not fat! so please don't give me the "val, you're not fat why diet" i didn't say i was fat, i didn't say I'm on a diet, I'm on a eating healthy basis. and FIY i have big ugly upper arms and my legs aint that slim. i look okay. but i wanna slim and TONE those area down. my legs aint fat, it have muscles. and so i wish to give you my knowledge on how to slim and tone your body, correct me if I'm wrong.

the most important part is to EAT RIGHT. wonder why having salad all the time doesn't really make you slim down a lot, or, you exercise so much but to no avail?
well. i read online that, you shouldn't be eating 3 meals a day instead 6. HOLY CRAP, VALERIE IS SO EVIL SHE JUST WANTS US TO LOOK FAT AND UGLY. haha, no. what i mean is 5-6 small meals a day. for example, have cereals at 10.30am. 12.30pm have boiled vegetables (no seasonings) or fruits. at 2.30pm, for lunch instead of taking those normal meals, have sandwiches e.g. - tuna, chicken or whatever. 4.30pm, take fruits or low fat milkshake. 6.30pm , dinner, have a normal meal, but please don't eat too much. 8.30pm have some fruits or vegetables. if you're hungry in between, eat some healthy snack bar.
why eat so much?? because it increases your metabolism! if you starve yourself or not have enough nutritions, your body will think that you don't have food around to give your body the fats needed therefore it will go into "starvation mode" where it will store as much fats as possible, thus making it very very difficult to lose weight. trust me, i've been through that so i know. but eating six small meals a day aint easy too. you have to be very discipline. i tried for 1 month and failed. but this time round, i am determined!

why not make your own milkshake or fruit juice.
i bought it from gmarket still waiting for it to reach me, $23 inclusive of shipping : http://list.qoo10.sg/gmkt.inc/Goods/Goods.aspx?goodscode=407115199
i seen reviews that not only milk shakes, but also ice blended fruit juice, you can take it off and bring it out as seen on the first picture! (:
oh and yes, drink plenty of water. i used to drink 1L of water a day. instead of drinking those sweet sugared can drink, switch to water. not only does it help you to lose some fats, but also give you better MUCH BETTER complexion !

next is exercising.
i heard swimming is the best way to shape up your body, but i don't swim, i don't know how to swim. once i had two friends arguing on who is teaching her(me) correctly. haha. i panic after being too long not being able to breathe underwater and i have to keep moving. so yah. I'm sticking to jogging. when it comes to jogging here are a few tips. don't time yourself, don't keep telling yourself to go faster, because you will end up having big ugly leg muscles. i tried it before i know. i will go for 30mins jog and time myself, like 2.4 timing is this i have to run at least blahblahblah per 6mins. after months i forgot how many months, i got really big ugly muscles. my dear friend told me to take slow long distance running, so i changed, 1hour slow jog. and yups my legs did slim down. and only recently did i hear about interval running. i thought it wouldn't work. but i gave it another thought and realized, i didn't run for two months, my leg looks less bulk and slimmer. so maybe yeah it might work, will try it out. interval training is like having high-intensity training for awhile, then low intensity training for awhile.
so here's how i exercise: 1hour of jogging, and 1 hour or arms and stomach cardio workout. for arms workout you can go to youtube to find, or download some android apps, it helps allot. you will also need 2kg dumb bell (: i thought i got mine for about 40$ at queensway shopping mall.
and that will be considered my high intensity exercising. for low workout, i think i will just do half of those.
my dear valentine told me that running in the morning helps burns fats throughout the whole day, i went google to look up but they say there isn't any best timing to do it. but still running in the morning freshens you up and ready to take on the day (:

i've just started, hopefully i can stick to the eating plan. exercising is not a problem. it's the eating habit. hehe. will update you people again.

next i will blog about my hair, which i permed like half a year ago, until two weeks ago it was very frizzy and i hate it, it looks so damaged but after using ma cherie shampoo, conditioner, and treatment, two weeks only! it became so so so much better. better than ascience shampoo. but a little price. i bought the smaller bottle of shampoo and conditioner 200ml and treatment, $60. but worth my money. i will probably show pictures in two weeks time. hello 2013, time to shape up! (:

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1:13 PM
Thursday, November 15, 2012

HELLO RANDOM STRANGERS OR FELLOW IDIOTS. My boy and I revamped the apartment in Tiong Bahru. We tried to spend as low as possible, i think we spent nearly 2K buying new furniture and paints. but it turned out really great. 

painted the walls green and orange. New 40" samsung smart TV, SGD 859, on promo at best denki. (: signed up for new mio channels. i don't really like mio TV, reason being, the episodes are always replaying. i had Sony TV for 6 months, i stopped watching after 1 month, even after 4 months, they are still replaying the same few episodes. REALLY. TOP CHEF HAVE HOW MANY SEASONS?! MUST YOU REPLAY 4 EPISODES OF ONE SEASON OVER AND OVER AGAIN?!! should have just signed up for star hub. but they had a cheaper plan with internet and mio TV together. zzz. the TV console from IKEA SGD69, Rack beside the TV SGD49. haha need to start packing up some stuff. too messy.

you like my idea??? the pole hanger cost me only $6.90 each! from ikea. the shelve for T-shirts cost $4/shelf, i bought 12 shelves i think. 

$45.90 (with shipping) next day delivery. awesome.

Red table $149, occasional table. we had some difficulties looking for this table. saw it on the ikea's catalogue, and it was place at the bed's section. it has a roller so it can be used as a table for your bed. haha. the two shelves DIY drilled in, for my printers and other documents. 

Mirror from ikea, $12.90, cheap no? the really colorful organizer for my make up, combs and scissors, from gmarket , $5.60 (with shipping) but i waited awhile because it was a preorder, but got it within two days once the seller got hold of the item. (:

DIY chalkboard calendar. you can get the chalkboard from gmarket and self-cut the shape.
it comes with 5 chalks as well. $16.40 (with shipping) and i still have a lot more of those chalk board left. oh and the brown board as based is from diaso, i have to buy 3 of those.
i saw the chalkboard calendar from easy.com but it was really really expensive. 
cost SGD 69 + SGD 4.39 for shipping. 
i admit i almost bought it. THEN I THOUGHT TO MYSELF, why not do it? i just need to find the chalkboard. AND WAH-LA i found it. so much cheaper. i saved like 50+ dollars. which i can get two dresses online! haha.

waiting fro my chalk ink marker! from etsy.com
i think i spend around 10SGD with shipping. I'm guessing it will take pretty long to reach me. sian

belt/tie/scarf hanger from ikea, $9.90

accessories hanger from gmarket, $9.40, after i bought i found one $3.90 only, DOTS!
the back can hang necklaces. good for people like me. but right now i stopped purchasing accessories. 

Bed frame from ikea $99, queen size. we thought it wouldn't be of good quality cause it's $99 for a queen size. but it's quite strong. the wood used feels really durable. the mattress cost $149. from ikea as well.
our delivery cost $65.

yesterday he was at VIVO city GV to promote his new movie Cold War. and that's the most clearest picture i had. too crowded, and i was way behind. (:

next week IT show. BUT no sorry not working, got bored of IT shows and the pay seems to get lesser and lesser with each IT shows i worked for. I'm working for Nespresso. hope for great sales day. it's like fighting sales with 7 other nespresso promoters. sian. 

oh please beware or be careful.
this solution. don't buy. i've been using it for months. i think half a year. so far it's my third bottle, for half a year. but recently within 3 months i had 3 eye infections. it is possible that my lenses have some problems (i got my lenses online), but i've been wearingly lenses purchased online for about 3 years, no problem, maybe it's the brand since i'm wearing a different brand. but I've never had so eye infections ever since i started using this solution. and sadly i just bought 2 new bottles at 20$! planning to throw away and buy some expensive good ones since its always my left eye getting infected.

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holiday spirit!
8:43 PM
Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ARE YOU IN THE MOOD OF CHRISTMAS! i sure am! although it's still pretty early. but i've already made plans for christmas.

JUST GOT BACK FROM MY CRUISE HOLIDAY AT ROYAL CARIBBEAN! it was awesome. the crew members are very friendly and entertaining. they have activities happening for all 4 days to keep you entertained. it's pretty much awesome. (: went on the 31 Oct to 3rd Nov. 4D3N. set sail at 5 pm to penang, walked around penang, it's really old and filled with a lot of people. at 8pm we left penang, port at malacca then home. they have 11 decks on the ship. Legend of the Seas.

the outdoor pool

and also, AN INDOOR POOL.

the pizza and burger are AWESOME. taste damn good. i miss the burger already ):

lol. greedy as ever.

whatever you do on board, if payment is required, they will charge it to your room card.

first dinning outfit.

they have shows every night. dance, performing arts and stuffs. (:

$16 USD for bingo card, a chance to win a suite! but sadly we didn't win ):

the theater is really big!

seriously awesome food. it exceeds my expectations. 

this cost us USD$39.90


awesome chicken rice ball at malacca

we went to Jonker street in malacca which looks like Singapore's Chinatown.

the finale. Royal Caribbean presents Swing City.
we had starbucks before we head to our holiday.

he trying to act all professional.

me hardly trying, still more professional than he is. HAHA


our room cards.

one queen size bed. an ocean view window.

doesn't it look grand.

i look very chubby. ): fat arms and big ugly legs. NOT FATTY LEGS BUT MUSCULAR LEGS. dammit. 

we took the Large Ocean View Stateroom which is at deck 6. i think per person $604? it was on promo. i was hoping to hop on a bigger ship, but they only had legends of the seas which is the smallest ship. they have a casino room, entertainment theater, liquor shop, watch shop, souvenirs shop, watch sales every day, they sell guess bags and wallets, sell jewelries and a few more others. in addition, outdoor pool, indoor pool, fine dining, buffet style casual dinning (which has AWESOME FOOD) rock climbing, mini golf area, another entertainment room, ben and jerry's ice cream. they have activities happening almost all day long (which you won't get bored) it's an amazing experience. i will definitely cruise with Royal Caribbean again, but it will be on a bigger ship which i saw on TV that has a mini amusement park. and much more on board. (: 

CHRISTMAS, i'm excited. (: i love christmas. i wanted to DIY dream catcher for my idiots, but i can't find some items and I'm lazy to do the crochet. 
this is what i found from the internet:

i thought i could get the crochet from chinatown. but i couldn't, maybe i didn't look deep enough. ohwell, we shall see how. (: i'm too lazy to get a book and diy the crochet. and also it looks hard and I'm too lazy. HAHHAHA.

looks neat right, and it aint hard D.I.Y - ing your own. rather than spending 18 or 24$ on one. 

some some of those great DIY on the net. pretty neat. things you don't find in shops. great idea and it looks pretty. hope it give you some inspirations. (: TOODLES! 


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